Port of Zante

Land Transport and Travel To and From Port Zante
(Zante, Ionian Islands, Greece)

The harbour is located near the Zakynthos town centre, so most facilities and lodging can be reached by foot upon arrival.

The island is well networked by road and is easily explored by car.

Travel by Bus and Shuttles

KTEL (Greek Coach Services) run buses from Athens. Travel time is approximately five hours, and there are roughly five daily departures. It is also possible to take a bus from Athens to Kilini (with a travel time of four hours) and then continue on by ferry with a one-hour onward journey to Zakynthos.

Car Hire and Road Travel

Roadways on the island are relatively good and most areas can be reached in under an hour by car. Drivers are advised to take care during rainstorms and wet spells; roads are notoriously slick when wet.

Car hire is available on the island of Zakynthos. Most car hire companies will arrange to meet customers at the port with their vehicle. Despite the fact that several companies have a presence on the island, it is still advised that potential customers secure advanced booking online, where a single service offers deals from several competitors.

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Car Parking

Those wishing to park for short-term stays only will have no problem securing a space at the port of Zante; however, those wishing to park for the long-term will need to head into the town first to secure long-term parking.

Travel by Taxis

Taxis in Zante are easy to come by and can be had at quite reasonable rates. Even so, it's always a good idea to agree on a price before setting off for your destination.

Zante Port

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