Port of Zante

Ferry Routes and Cruises
(Zante, Ionian Islands, Greece)

Zante's primary ferry route is a car ferry operated to nearby Kilini. However, a less frequent service to Brindisi is also offered sometimes.

Zante to Kilini

The island is connected to Kilini on the northern coast of the Peloponnese via a one hour ferry ride.

There are several departures daily, with as many as eight per day during peak months. Kilini is a small port in the Peloponnese. Facilities are limited due to the port's size and location.

Zante to Brindisi

During the summer months, ferries bound for Brindisi in southern Italy depart with less frequency than the Kilini route. The voyage is made via a stopover in Patras, and total travel time is approximately 15 hours. Vessels depart at least twice a week during peak months but during the winter, there are very crossings. The port of Brindisi offers limited facilities though the town offers plenty of options, including dining, banking, and shopping.

Zante Port

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